Remote interview tips: 5 tactics to ace your job interview

What this means is you’re more likely to find the best people — quicker. We’ve gathered some of the best remote hiring tools we know will take a load off your shoulders when remote hiring. From distributing your remote job post to connecting your hiring process, this list has got you covered. Remote employee interviews are becoming more and more common these days, and learning how to handle them is critical for any hiring manager. Find a platform that fits your needs, plan what you’ll do if that program breaks down, and take some time to review remote interview etiquette.

They can leave a bad and unprofessional impression — which is certainly not a look you’re going for. Alternatively, you can choose a minimalistic background from your conferencing tool library. This is why it’s paramount to have a solid backup plan in store for emergencies.

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I’d say our on-site hiring is actually less formal and led mostly by me. Our hiring process generally starts with some small “interview project” we ask candidates to complete related to the position. The ‘interview project’ is designed to be completed in the amount of time someone may prepare for and attend the traditional interview.

remote interview process

These questions will evoke the most telling answers and give you a clearer understanding of whether the candidate is suited to a remote remote interview process position. We love sharing the Pitch deck on social platforms or in recruiting outreach, and candidates find them engaging and unique.

Present yourself well through your attire and background.

Whether you’re hiring, building culture or anything in between, you have the insights you need to focus on your people. If you’re interested in tapping into the global talent pool, it’s never been easier than with Playroll. Have a backup plan – In the case that something goes wrong, it’s helpful to have a second choice for hosting your interview. A standard call could replace a video conference, or a backup device could allow you to continue where you left off. We try and make sure the teams have at least 4 waking hours overlap with the rest of their team. We look for the same thing in all of our hires, but it is especially important for remote workers to be self-motivating, proactive and strong communicators.

You may be the one being interviewed, but it’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions of the interviewer. Asking the right questions can really demonstrate your interest in the role. Gaby Suarez, a senior technical recruiter at Remote, recommends candidates look for everything they can find about the company, both on its website and on external sources. Before your interview, put some thought into your attire and setting. It might feel a bit ridiculous to show up to a Zoom interview from your living room in a suit jacket, but it’s still important to convey professionalism in your interview attire while remote. If you’re concerned about your internet connection, do a trial video call with a friend or family member in the exact room where you will be taking the interview. You can also seek out quiet public places with good Wi-Fi, like a library, cafe, or a hotel lobby.

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